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Family activities

At Hesså in Marnardal, just a short hour from the coastal towns of Mandal and Kristiansand, we find a small eldorado for the whole family. Here we can rafting, climbing, rappelling, take a canoe trip on the Mandal River,  or learn about survival in nature where we, among other things. builds cabins and makes bonfires.

You can spend the night in cabins, hobbit cabins or tents. This is a place that is suitable for everyone, so it is also possible for families with small children to participate. A little more active holiday stay, but here you can challenge the slightly extreme in controlled forms and with good guidance from experienced guides.

The rafting we offer on Mandalselva is very suitable and very popular for families with children up to the age of 6 and up. It is an activity where we often get 3 generations in the same boat. A fun and wonderful way to do something with the whole family. Find out more here .

The lower part of the Mandal River is very suitable for canoeing. The river flows here calmly and nicely down to Manflåvannet where you can swim or just enjoy the silence. Take the family on a canoe trip with a picnic and enjoy a delicious lunch along the riverbank. Find out more here.

Children are in their natural element when they can climb. Here they get a unique chance to try their hand at climbing. Children up to the age of 6 can do this activity together with our experienced guides. Find out more here.

Children are born with creativity and for them to join the forest to build cabins and learn about how to use nature without destroying it is today very relevant. Give your children an experience and learning they will take with them for the rest of their lives. Find out more here.


The Mandal River has become one of Norway's best salmon rivers. Here you can bring the whole family to fish, experience the beaver, rent a canoe, rafting, go on a forest trip, grill sausages, spend the night in cabins and hobby cabins and have a wonderful and valuable family time together.

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