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Bushcraft or survival in the wilderness is becoming an increasingly popular form of activity. Today, with a lot of stress and a hectic everyday life, more and more people seek the peace and quiet that the forest and the wilderness provide. We can give you this experience, where you collect material from the forest's treasure chest and we build cabins, make bonfires, nail sausage sticks, make ropes. The list is endless, it is only creativity that stops us. We can offer the following packages:

Introductory course

Here you learn to use a knife in a safe way, make a fire and build a shelter / cabin in the forest. Duration 2-3 hours.

Price Kr. 500, - pr. pers. Children under 16 years Kr. 400, -
Day course 

We explore the forest to find our campsite. Here we make camp where we build shelter / cabin, make campfires and cook. We learn about plants, flowers and trees and what we can use them for. We often find traces of moose, deer and other wild animals and birds. We learn what function the animals and birds have in the forest. Duration 6-8 hours.

Price Kr. 1200, - pr. pers. Children under 16 years Kr. 800, -
24-hour wilderness camp

You learn the same as in the day course plus we get ready to sleep outside, either in hammocks or on improvised beds we have made in our cabins. After a good night's sleep, when the day dawns and the forest comes to life, we make breakfast over the fire. We also offer this 24-hour wilderness camp in the winter!

Price Kr. 1500, - pr pers.  

If you want to survive in the wilderness, the first commandment is to learn how to use a knife in a safe way, how to sharpen it and its uses.

Gathering: Find what you need to make a fire, find plants and berries that are used for food and as medicine.


Build shelter / cabin: Choose the place the cabin is to be built, find out which design is suitable and which material can be used. Collect materials for your cabin.


Making a campfire: Learn the principles of making a campfire; oxygen, what can be burned and what ignites a fire. We start from the bottom with dry material and build the fire around it.

Navigation: You learn the basic skills of finding north and south without aids. You also learn the basic principles of using a map and compass.


Knot tying: You learn the octagonal knot and several other knots that help you when you are in the wilderness and building shelter.


Hammocks: Make and set up hammocks between the trees in the forest.


Be creative! From cutting out a spoon, making a cup, braiding ropes, nailing sausage sticks, making a stone oven, etc. The possibilities are endless for being creative in the forest with us.

Contact us today and book an extraordinary experience!

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