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Climbing & Rappelling

Fantastic natural climbing wall that is suitable for everyone. Great family activity, bring your group of friends or just come to climb!

We have a variety of climbing bolts in the wall with top ropes. The climbing routes are in several levels of difficulty, where most people get to challenge themselves and have fun mastering several routes. You get a thorough training in safety, learn a little about the different knots and get some practical information. When all this has been reviewed, we start climbing and test out the different climbing routes.

If you want a more airy experience, we will take you to the top of the climbing wall, here we have a 30 meter high mountain with a rappelling overhang. The overhang has a 10 meter free, airy and exciting rappelling before you land safely and well on the ground.

Rappelling is a method of moving down steep overhangs, where you yourself have full control over speed and the time you spend down. We give you all the necessary information about safety and techniques, before you even rappel down the cliff. The guide has you on a safety rope, so you have double security.

Who can climb?

The activity is suitable for anyone who is curious about and enjoys climbing, whether you are a beginner or have previous experience from climbing. We can introduce children all the way down to the age of five.

How long?

Usually a 3 hour session, but can also make bespoke packages.

What do I get?

We supplement the climbing harness, helmet and all other relevant climbing equipment.

What do I have to bring?

You must wear loose-fitting, movable clothing and good sneakers. If you have climbing shoes, bring them.


Adult: NOK 550

Children: NOK 450

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