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The founder

Ewen was born in Scotland. He moved to Norway in 2000 with his Norwegian wife. They have 2 children together. They live in Hesså, near Adventure Norway. Ewen started Adventure Norway in 2003.

Ewen had a career in the British military as a training instructor. He worked mainly as an outdoor life instructor who trained soldiers in Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Norway, Canada, Austria and holds the following qualifications:

  •   BCU (british canoe union) -  Level 5 Kayak coach.

  •   BASI (British association of snowsport instructors) - Nordic level 3 ISIA

  •   Alpine level 2

  •   Telemark level 2

  • DSV (Deutschskiverband) Ski teacher - Alpine / cross-country skiing

  • IML (International mountain leader)

  • HBF (Heeresbergfuhrer) - germany army mountain guide

  • MIA (Mountain instructor award)

Ewen has led several climbing expeditions in Nepal, Argentina, Norway, France and Austria.

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