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Elk safari

The Norwegian moose is a beautiful creature, it is Norway's largest forest animal and is called the king of the forest. The encounter with the elk is a powerful experience, should you be lucky enough to see the elk run, you will be impressed by the elegant way it moves. They live mostly alone, or in small groups. Normally, the groups consist of mother with this year's and last year's offspring.

We have been carrying out this activity for a few years now, and thus we have developed a good sense of where the local moose are in their right element. This is how we can observe these majestic wild animals at a safe distance. With wild animals you can not guarantee success, but based on the other years we have a success rate of 95%.

When is  that season?

We run elk safaris on Tuesdays and Thursdays in July, August and September,

on request we can also run other days. July and August are the best months to do this activity. You show up at Adventure Norway at 22.00. Here you get information about the elk, its habits and habitat.

How long?

The safari in the minibus takes about 2 hours and we move about 30 km.

What do I have to bring?

Bring a camera and possibly binoculars.


Adult: NOK 450

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