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The area around us

We are beautifully located close to the Mandal River, which is also one of Norway's best salmon rivers.

Along the river there is also a great hiking trail, which over 100 years ago was the main road from the village to Kristiansand. Hesså was at that time a hub, and here was Gjestgiveri, post and shop and in fact there was a pub close by where people were ferried across the river to get to Kristiansand.

Even longer ago, in the Migration Period, before the Viking Age, there was settlement here and we have 2 burial mounds that are still visible. Just get in touch and we will explain how to find these.

On the other side of the river, there is also a great walk up to Steinsheiknuten. At the top you get a great view towards Bjelland and the mountains in the north and south towards Manflåvannet. Great picnic spot!


Mandalselva is one of Norway's best salmon rivers. We can give advice on where to fish and arrange permits for you.

For those who want guiding, we recommend Ryan Marchsee

The salmon fishing season here is from 1 June to 15 September

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